<a href="" title="Indian Korma NEW!"><img src='' alt='Indian Korma NEW!' />

<a href="" title="Indian Korma NEW!">Indian Korma NEW!

$ 8.50

$15.00 Small / $19.00 Large...

<a href="" title="Chicken Tikka Masala NEW!"><img src='' alt='Chicken Tikka Masala NEW!' />

<a href="" title="Chicken Tikka Masala NEW!">Chicken Tikka Masala NEW!

$ 0.00

$15.00 Small / $19.00 Large...

The Detroiter

Spicy Pepperoni, Italian Seasoning


<a href="" title="Chicken Pesto NEW!">Signature Pi Chicken Pesto in Spartanburg SC

<a href="" title="Chicken Pesto NEW!">Chicken Pesto NEW!

$ 8.50

Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Roasted Red Pepper, Pesto and Pecorino Romano (No pizza ...

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded Chicken, Tomatoes, Parmesan, Pasta Sauce (No pizza ...